Framework for Ethics Reform

Bold ethics reforms are needed right now to end corruption, restore public trust, and ensure that New Yorkers can have a functioning, healthy democracy we need and deserve.

New Yorkers have had enough of partial measures, which have us slowly inching along the road to ethics reform, and have done little to stem the tide of indictments and end the culture of corruption in Albany.

Luckily, Common Cause NY and our good government allies have a framework for reform that would go a long way to restoring sanity to Albany.

Our platform includes the following proposals*:

  1. Reform Legislative Compensation: Create a full-time legislature by banning outside income, and providing a professional salary for legislators
  2. Put an End to Secret Money: Limit the influence of dark money campaign contributions and end government spending that takes place in the shadows;
  3. Empower JCOPE: Reform ethics oversight and enforcement by changing JCOPE’s structure, scope, and voting procedures to boost public confidence in its actions;
  4. Mandate More Reporting: Strengthen financial reporting requirements for public officers and allow the public to more easily spot conflicts of interest;
  5. Create Uniform Standards: Streamline and standardize disclosure of lobbying activity.

If you agree that New York needs comprehensive ethics reform now, join us in telling our legislators today!

*Read our expanded proposal in our letter to legislative leaders here.

Latest Status

New York, NY -- Government watchdogs renewed their calls for Governor Cuomo to act on limiting lawmakers' outside income, closing the "LLC loophole," beefing up state enforcement, and boosting transparency of discretionary budget items...

December 11, 2015

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