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Common Cause New York is the statewide New York chapter of Common Cause. We are dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest, and accountable government that empowers ordinary people to make their voices heard. We work to:

  • Strengthen public participation and faith in our institutions of government;
  • Ensure that government and the political process serve the public interest, rather than special interests;
  • Curb the excessive influence of money on government policy and elections;
  • Promote fair and honest elections and high ethical standards for government officials

In recent years some successes include:

  • Common Cause New York maps provided critical information to ensure Court-approved district lines accurately represent the voters of New York State.  New York State is now one of only seven states with a Congressional delegation that is not gerrymandered and accurately represents our State's voters.
  • Common Cause New York's "Moreland Monday" reports aided the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption in preparing subpoenas and devising recommendations for reforming politics in New York State.
  • Common Cause New York is a leader in the Fair Elections Coalition dedicated to meaningful campaign finance reform. Our work has included Poll Worker education and insistence on fair Post Election Procedures, including Recounts and Audits, to ensure that every vote counts on Election Day.
  • Common Cause New York was an official sponsor of the 2013 New York City Debate program, hosting town hall meetings in every borough in advance of each debate and co-hosting mayoral debates broadcast on CBS-TV.

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