Planning a Mock Council

If you want your class to participate in a mock council, you could:

  • arrange a mock council with another class in your school or with a class in another school. You could use the Model City Council Facebook page to find a class that is interested.
  • arrange a more formal mock council at
  • the city’s Council Chambers (arrange through the City Council office). Classes have used the Council Chambers in the past.
  • the school district’s board meeting room or
  • some other special venue. The University of New Mexico has facilities that would lend verisimilitude to the proceedings.
  • arrange with a journalism or other class to “cover” the Mock Council, including taking pictures, possibly for the Model City Council Facebook page or school newspaper.

Teacher Check List for Mock Council

  • Arrange with another teacher or school to hold a mock council. Determine a time and location. 
  • Determine who will play the role of councilors (up to 9).
  • Determine who will play the role of council president.
  • Determine who will play the role of the sponsor of MC-05-20 (curfew bill).
  • Decide if you want anyone to play the role of the press at the meeting and what they will do. Can this be arranged with a journalism or media or language arts teacher, possibly as an extra-credit opportunity?
  • Determine who will play the role of the recorder. A teacher could play this role. The recorder
    • will collect names of the public who wish to speak.
    • keep track of the time allotted for each speaker and announce when the three minutes is up.
    • could also collect proposed amendments to the bill.
    • could also record what happens at the meeting as minutes.




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