One Week to Go – Still Got Some Movement!

Posted by Viki Harrison on March 15, 2015

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The 2015 New Mexico Legislative session ends on Saturday at noon, and we are still working hard to see some good legislation pass this year. In addition to the below, we have numerous bills our partner organizations are working on that we support, so this week will be full of committee meetings, lobbying and working to make sure the citizens of New Mexico contact their legislators and ask for their support!

What is still moving:

  • HB 27, Rep. Brian Egolf – requires some PRC employees to have a two-year cooling off period before working for industries the PRC regulates
  • HB 151, Rep. Jeff Steinborn – allows 17 year olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by the general election
  • HB 155, Rep. Jeff Steinborn – requires lobbyists to publicly report their employers and a more detailed accounting of their spending
  • HB 241, Rep. Jim Dines – requires legislators to wait two years after leaving the legislature before becoming paid lobbyists
  • HB 278, Rep. Jim Smith and Sen. Peter Wirth – requires all large spending in elections to be disclosed
  • HB 546, Rep. Stephanie Maez – stops private entities from paying for elections
  • SB 58, Sen. Peter Wirth – updates public financing systems for judges and PRC commissioners

Please let your legislators know to support these important measures – a week may not sound like a long time, but things can happen, and we want open, transparent government to be one of measures that makes it to the finish line.

Find your legislators here!  The state's website also allows you to search bills by number to see where they are currently are being considered.  Stay up to date with Common Cause New Mexico on twitter and Facebook for updates as we round out the 2015 session.

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