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Every 10 years, in the year following the Census, state legislatures rearrange the boundaries of Congressional and legislative districts. Redistricting is supposed to reflect changes in population and ensure that everyone is fairly represented. But by manipulating the lines, moving friendly voters into pockets of strength and breaking up areas where they and their allies typically run weakest, members of the majority party -- Democrat or Republican -- can have a big impact on who'll represent you in the statehouse and in Congress. Common Cause believes redistricting should level the political playing field, not tilt it toward any party or office holder.

Common Cause New Mexico is working to create non-partisan redistricting commissions to press for districts that are fairly representative of their communities and free from any partisan taint. Join us. What the politicians are doing right now is just not fair, but with your help it can be--even if they'd prefer we just stay silent.

Latest Status

1. Our proposed disclosure legislation has passed the Senate FOUR times (the last three unanimously), as well as all House committees in prior years. This bill will overhaul the current law to bring it in line with both recent constitutional...

2017 Priority Legislation
January 9, 2017

Common Cause New Mexico today unveiled its statewide Legislative Summary and Scorecard, recording the votes of legislators on its priority transparency, ethics and good government issues during the 2015 and 2016 sessions. The scorecard reports the...

2015-2016 Legislative Scorecard
June 30, 2016

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