Speak Out for ABQ Campaign Finance Reporting Fixes

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June 11, 2015, 5:00 p.m.

Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center, City Council Committee Room, Suite 9081, Ninth Floor, New Mexico

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You can take a stand for transparency, disclosure and accountability in Albuquerque elections!  

Join us for a meeting and recommendation vote by the Albuquerque Charter Review Task Force about proposed amendments to the current Campaign Finance Reporting Laws.  Show your support for campaign finance reform by simply attending the meeting, or making public comments during the meeting.  Your voice counts, and we need concerned citizens like you to participate in local government!  

Two principal purposes of our proposal to amend Article XIII of the Albuquerque City Charter (the campaign finance reporting law):

  • To restore the enforceability of the Charter.  Since the Charter provisions were enacted, the courts have developed an extensive body of restrictions on the authority of governments to regulate campaign speech.  Under these rules, several key provisions of the Charter have recently been invalidated by the courts, including most of the Charter’s reporting requirement for PAC’s and other independent groups. The proposed amendment would rewrite the Charter to conform to current constitutional rules.
  • To adapt the Charter to modern methods of campaigning.  When the Charter provisions were enacted, candidates and political parties were virtually the only campaign participants.  There are now numerous national and local independent groups participating in state elections in a variety of ways - ranging from campaign ads coordinated with candidates, to an occasional ad mentioning a public official who is running for reelection.  The bill would expand the Charter to cover all these kinds of campaign activities in a constitutionally permissible way.

RSVP to attend the meeting by emailing Shannon Kunkel.  Find out more about our plans to improve campaign finance laws in Albuquerque on our Democracy Wire.

Event Contact:

Heather Ferguson

Viki Harrison

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