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Viki E. Harrison is Common Cause's New Mexico Executive Director and joined Common Cause in 2012 to manage the state office in Albuquerque, organize and coordinate legislative programs, conduct research, direct fundraising initiatives and serve as a lobbyist.

Viki graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Mexico with BA’s in Women’s Studies and African American Studies.

Jim Harrington is State Chair of Common Cause New Mexico, and is a retired attorney who practiced law for 20 years in San Francisco, primarily in appellate courts. He has argued before the US Supreme Court and taught constitutional law for two years.

Jim lobbies for Common Cause, and drafts and researches legislative initiatives at the city and state levels. He has a BA from Williams College and a JD from Harvard Law School.

Common Cause New Mexico State Advisory Board

Jim Harrington, President

Katy Duhigg, Vice President

Steve Mills, Secretary

Jack Taylor, Treasurer

George Best

Alex Burr

David Hadwiger

Lauren Soherr

Whitnee Nicely

Clinton Nicley


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