Lobbying in Nebraska

In 2015, special interests spent $15,645,290 on influencing our state government.  Lobbyist compensation was up by more than $1.4 million.  Dollars spent on entertainment and gifts reached a new high of $396,486. The role of the lobby in raising campaign funds continues to be a key factor in getting elected.

That's a lot of money spend lobbying our legislature, far more than most Nebraskan's would ever expect. Common Cause is working to make sure that these numbers are not only available to public, but understandable and comprehensive. If we want to deal with the problem of big money in our state politics, we have to start with a real understanding of the problem.

Our 2016 Lobby Report demonstrates the growing influence of money in politics.  The need for greater disclosure is obvious. Current laws prevent the public from connecting the dots that would give full view of all perks and all campaign dollars and our legislators seem content with the current fog.

Latest Status

Lobbying must pay off, since the investment grows with each year! 2016 saw another million-dollar increase in lobby spending. That means 543 principals (special interests) paid 364 lobbyists $16,754,795 to influence our state government. If the...

2017 Lobbying Report is out now
May 15, 2017

How many lobbyists are there and how much do they make? Who hires them and how much do they spend? Can anyone track lobby gifts and entertainment? Do legislators report their gifts? Who spends tax dollars to get more tax dollars? Common Cause...

2016 Lobbying Report is out now
June 14, 2016

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