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There's a lot you can learn about campaign finances in Nebraska, but there are always loopholes. You can see how much candidates spent and how much they received from donors, but only for amounts over $250. You can find reports on ad buys for candidates, but not if the ads were merely "educational" on the issues and didn't say who to vote for or against. And you can be guaranteed that your donations to campaigns are being used wisely, just don't expect to know if the campaign account balance matches the totals reported by the candidate.

Common Cause Nebraska thinks it's time to do away with the loophole and make sure that real transparency is the standard.

Latest Status

A move to kill a bill designed to slow campaign corruption came up short in Lincoln this week but backers of the bill worry it is simply dying a slow death. The legislation (LB166) is the latest effort to shine more light on campaign...

Push for more sunshine on campaign corruption clouding over
Joe Jordan, March 13, 2015

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