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Since 1974, Common Cause Nebraska has been at the forefront of making state and local government more open, ethical and accountable. We use advocacy, research and organizing to make sure that every Nebraskan has access to their government.

Practically, that means we fight for greater reporting standards for elected officials, limits on lobby spending and gifts, and, in an increasingly digital world, easier access to all levels of government. Since Common Cause’s founding, we have been staunch advocates for public record and open meetings laws, as well as initiatives that increase access to voting and public interaction with lawmakers. On top of all of that, we serve as a government watchdog, making sure that officials keep to campaign finance laws and are honest with the public about where their money comes from.

In short, no other group in Nebraska fills the role that we do.

We also take part in the discussion of money in politics. Between 2011 and 2012, lobbying expenses in Nebraska totaled over $27 Million, and that’s just at the state level. Most legislators are honest people and most lobbyists just want to advocate for their clients, but there is no denying that money plays an increasingly important role in politics. Our hope is to find ways to return power to voters and make politics an arena in which ideas and the public good come before reelections.

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