SF 535/HF 334 would provide Minnesotans with a system which will allow voters to select the candidates they wish to vote for prior to Election Day in person.  The proposed bills would open the opportunities voters have to vote by allowing them to do so on the days leading up to Election Day.  In states where Early Voting is allowed, voters have taken full advantage of the extra opportunity to vote.

  • 24.5% of ballots submitted nationally in the 2012 general election were submitted early (absentee or otherwise).
  • Comparitively, only 8.1% of Minnesota ballots were submitted early and those were all absentee ballots submitted by voters who qualify under M.S.A. § 203B.02 (Unable to go to polling place, indefinite residence abroad, or active military personnel overseas.)
  • Minnesota is in a minority of states that do not allow early voting
  • 32 states, or 2/3 of the United States allow registered voters to cast a ballot in person during a designated period prior to Election Day.  

In fact, Minnesota does not even allow no-excuse absentee voting which is available in several states which do not offer early voting.   Waiting in line does not improve democracy.  Voting does! 

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