2016 Precinct Caucus

It has been six years since the Supreme Court passed its notorious decision in Citizens United and two years since it stripped away substantial parts of the Voting Rights Act. Since then, millions of undisclosed dollars have gone into national, state, and local elections for caucuspresidents, governors, judges, and even school board members.  And also since then, across the nation, states have been passing new laws to limit the ability of vote such as Wisconsin and North Carolina’s new restrictions on voting. 

This election year, Common Cause members and allies will be going to our local caucuses demanding that every political party in the state supports stopping the unlimited, undisclosed money in our elections and that everyone has the right to vote. 

We need your help to get the resolutions introduced in the political parties caucuses this March 1

All we need you to do is:

  1. Email Jeremy at jschroeder@commoncause.org so we can track where people are attending caucus.
  2. Download the three resolutions.
  3. (Optional) Attend one of the caucus trainings to learn about the process and be ready to introduce the resolutions.
  4. Recruit your friends!

Caucus Training

If you haven't been ...don't worry! We and our coalition partners are holding numerous caucus trainings to prepare you for Caucus Night. 

We have three trainings:

Monday, February 22

4:30 pm

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Coffman Student Union Rm. 325

300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

This training is sponsored by the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPRIG)


Tuesday, February 23

11:30 am

Hamline University

The Anderson Center room 112

774 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

This training is sponsored by the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)


Thursday, February 25

6:30 pm

St. Joan of Arc Church

4537 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419


In the meantime, here are a few fact sheets on the resolutions:

Caucus Resolutions

To stop the growing threat to our democracy from unlimited, undisclosed special interest money and restrictions to voting, we have drafted three resolutions:

  1. Overturning Citizens United: First, we are calling on all political parties to take a stand against Citizens United.  While some Minnesota political parties have this language in their state platform, no political party in Minnesota has gone far enough to stop the effects of Citizens United. [Read the resolution]

  2. Support for the public financing of municipal political elections: Until Citizens United is overturned, we are limited in how we can stop the flow of unlimited money.  But we can take back our elections from the bottom up!  The public financing of municipal elections is one way citizens can take back our elections, increase the diversity of those running for office and compete with undisclosed secret money. [Read the resolution.]

  3. Restoring the Voting Rights Act: Since the 2014 case of Shelby vs. Holder, numerous states across the nation have made it harder for citizens to vote.  Minnesota has historically been a leader at civic engagement and it is important that we do everything we can to ensure our democracy is open to all citizens. [Read the resolution.]

For questions about this campaign, please contact Jeremy Schroeder at jschroeder@commoncause.org.


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