Election Modernization Overview

Too many Bay Staters have had difficulty voting in the past and election protection efforts should not be a necessary part of the election process. To help fix this, we campaigned for, and won, a comprehensive Election Modernization bill in 2014, establishing early voting, online voter registration, pre-registration for minors, and audits of electronic voting equipment to ensure integrity.

There's still more work to be done though:

2015 Election Reform Legislation

  • Keep voting lists accurate and reach out to new voters through participation in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC): Rep. Moran (HD 3450)
  • Modernize the redistricting process using census block data and remove Boston’s exemption from reprecincting: Rep. Moran, Rep. Michlewitz (HD 3458, HD 674)
  • Enact legislation to permit Election Day voter registration: Rep. Fox, Sen. Creem (HD 3137, SD 1813)
  • Update and modernize voter registration process with permanent voter registration: Rep. Garballey, Sen. Chang-Diaz (HD 646, SD 391)
  • Support instant runoff voting at both the state and local level and for overseas presidential primary ballots: Rep. Story, Rep. Kaufman (HD 2389, HD 3179, HD 698, HD 700)

2015 Grassroots Campaigns

Ensure that the comprehensive Election Modernization Law passed in 2014 is fully and adequately implemented through campaigning in localities for the neccessary funding and staff for expanded-hours at early voting sites, conducting voter registration drives with the new system and in schools, and by monitoring/providing input during the development of new election and registration systems.

Interested in being involved? More information to come soon!

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