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  • n/a  = the candidate did not answer the question  
  • n/r = the candidate did not return a questionnaire
  • * = responded to primary questionnaire


Deborah Goldberg*

Michael Heffernan*

Ian Jackson

Party Democrat Republican Green Party

1. Concerned about the amount of money in elections



Yes. Remove $15,000 loophole for unions. Require full disclosure.

Yes. Set expenditure limits.

Support public financing of elections?


For which offices?

Yes, most important for state-wide offices

Not a top priority.

Yes. Roll in gradually.

Support a constitutional amendment to allow limits on political spending?




Yes. Planning to work for Pass Mass.

2. Bring about more transparency in government

Expand the Open Checkbook

Publicize goals


Epand the online checkbook. Oppose exemptions to Public Records Law. Allow Attorney Generl to review procurement contracts.

More use of available technology.

3. Support Election Day registration?


Anything other reforms?

Yes, voted for recent bill

And Online registration, early registration for teens, post-election audits

              Yes. Confirm citizenship. Early voting.

Yes. More education about candidates. More education on everyone's right to run for office.

4. What to do about patronage?

Lead by example

Open legislative committee meetings

Hire on merit. Transparency: post opening, post successful applicants.

Put spotlight on those making recommendations. Remove exceptions to civil service rules.

Any other issues?




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