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A summary of the candidates’ responses to our questionnaire can be found below. To see the complete answers of any of the candidates, click on the candidate's name.


  • n/a  = the candidate did not answer the question  
  • n/r = the candidate did not return a questionnaire
  • * = the candidate answered in the primary


David D’Arcangelo

Daniel Factor

William Galvin
Party Republican Green Party Democrat

1. Concerned about the amount of money in elections

Yes. Reduce capacity to build war chests.

Yes (refused contributions from lobbyists)


Support public financing of elections?

For which offices?

Yes, all elections, state, county, legislative.

Yes, for every office. 


Support a constitutional amendment to allow limits on political spending?

Maybe. Depends on the wording: must address inequities in the Union loophole.

Yes, work for Pass Mass.


2. Bring about more transparency in government

Post line item budgets for departments, set timelines for response and creat e enforcement mechanisms and train employees, reduce excepetions to protect only individual privacy. Support public records law.

Scan and put on line all government documents. end charges for copying documents.


3. Support Election Day registration?

Anything other reforms?

Yes, if the system of registration was enhanced. Adopt electronic voting.

Yes, improve people's access to candidacy. Adopt instant runoff voting.


4. What to do about patronage?

Hire on merit, Train hiring managers. More transparency.

Ban lists of candidates backed by legislators. Publicize contracts between job candidates and legislators. Impose a fair hiring code. Develop legislation to allow prosecution of patronage. 


Any other issues?

No more incumbent "Public Service Announcements." Random order on ballot. Remove incumbent identification on ballot. Earlier primaries. 



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