A summary of the candidates’ responses to our questionnaire can be found below. To see the complete answers of any of the candidates, click on the candidate's name.


  • n/a  = the candidate did not answer the question  
  • n/r = the candidate did not return a questionnaire
  • * = the candidate answered in primary


Suzanne Bump*

MK Merelice

Patricia Saint Aubin*
Party Democrat Green Party Republican

1. Concerned about the amount of money in elections


Support timely disclosure

Yes. Support spending limits. Reufe contributions from lobbyists. Require full coverage of all candidates by media.


Support public financing of elections?

For which offices?


Accepted limits in this campaign, but do not expect to receive public funding

Yes, for all federal and state offices. State needs to provide information about candidates' positions.


Support a constitutional amendment to allow limits on political spending?





2. Bring about more transparency in government

Establish goals and performance metrics

Devote resources

Our audits are online

Timely accessibility to records. Hold hearins to identify people who should be served.

Have regular audits

3. Support Election Day registration?

Anything other reforms?



Worried about cost

Yes, adopt instant runoff voting.


4. What to do about patronage?

Hire on merit

Only consider political recommendations at end of process and then only if they contain relevant information.

Adopt a hiring code. Introduce a bill to make it possible to prosecute patronage. Publicize recommendations.


Any other issues?



I am the superior candidate by virtue of having a degree in Accounting

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