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  • n/a  = the candidate did not answer the question  
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  • * = responded to primary questionnaire


Maura Healey*

John Miller*

Party Democrat Republican

1. Concerned about the amount of money in elections


Signed People’s pledge with Tolman


Need to publicize special interests.

Support public financing of elections?


For which offices?


All offices

Needs to be carefully crafted to survive SCOTUS scrutiny

Not anymore.

Support a constitutional amendment to allow limits on political spending?


No. Rely on case by case resolution by the courts.


2. Bring about more transparency in government

Attorney General settlements will be posted on line   

Monitor Departments for Transparency

Have released all questionnaire data

Developed American Bar Association model Procurement Code for government agencies. Must be enforced.

3. Support Election Day registration?


Anything other reforms?


Simplify registration

Explore vote by mail

If it law, I will suppor tit. If somethign else is proposed, I willa dvise on the legal aspects. Prevent gerrymandering.

4. What to do about patronage?

Investigate potential corruption

Hire on merit

Isseu AG Advisory opinions on contracts, hiring, etc to ensure proper conduct. Investigate and prosecute violations. 

Any other issues?


Legislate political versus civil service positions. Legislate merit-based hiring process. Legislate ban on legislators' interference in hiring processes.

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