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Did you know that nearly 15% of eligible citizens in Massachusetts are not registered to vote? That’s nearly 700,000 people, and like if all of Boston was unable to vote!

We think this is unacceptable for a modern democracy.

And thankfully, there’s a solution – Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)!

AVR is the next step in the fight for voting rights. This cutting-edge reform proposes to shift voter registration from an opt-in to an opt-out system, involving more citizens in the political process and making elections more free, fair, and accessible for all.

In Massachusetts, bills H. 2091, S. 373, and H. 2080 would require that every eligible citizen who interacts with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and other voter registration agencies be automatically registered to vote, unless they say no. The legislation also requires Massachusetts join the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

Oregon and California were the first two states  to enact this reform in 2015. Four other states passed AVR in 2016 (VT, CT, WV, and AK). The policy is  already proving to have a dramatic effect increasing voter registration and getting new voters engaged. We believe Massachusetts should be the next state to adopt AVR and help lead the charge for a better democracy.

For more, read our Fact Sheet on AVR!

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