Massachusetts Disclosure Act

In the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United v. FEC (2010), corporations, independent political organizations, and individuals can secretly influence the outcome of our elections by evading state disclosure laws for spending in elections. Inadequate disclosure of political spending makes it more difficult for voters to make informed decisions, increases opportunities for corruption, and limits shareholders' and customers' ability to hold corporations accountable.

In Massachusetts, we succeeded in passing one of the strongest disclosure laws in the country during 2014, requiring real-time transparency about who is funding SuperPACs in our Commonwealth's elections. However, there is still progress left to be made and loopholes left to close.

Read our new report "Shining a Light: Success of the 2014 Massachusetts Disclosure Law" now! It details the impact of the reform we won, as well as what work is left to be done.

Read more here about the ongoing battle for further ehnahcements to MA disclose.

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