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Over the past few years, we have made tremendous progress in making the need for a constitutional amendment a national issue. But there is still much to be done.

GOAL: By the end of 2015, all eleven members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation will have sponsored a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood and put limits on political spending. (Where does each Congressman and Senator stand now? Click here to find out!)

TACTIC: Continue to pass local resolutions at town meetings, town councils, and city councils. Meet with Congressional members to urge them to sponsor amendments in the 114th Congress. Use social media and traditional media to raise awareness and educate voters about the need for a constitutional amendment and about the role that they can play in helping reclaim our democracy.

Petition to the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation

Both Massachusetts senators and 8 of our 9 Massachusetts House delegation has (co)sponsored democracy amendments. It’s time for the last one, Representative Richard Neal,  to follow suit! That’s why we started a petition calling on him to cosponsor a strong democracy amendment. Click here to print a paper petition and collect signatures in your community. You can also sign the petition online here.

Volunteer to Sponsor a Local Resolution

Over 208 communities in Massachusetts have called for a constitutional amendment by ballot question or local resolution. Can you help us bring that number to a full 351? We can provide you the materials and support you need to put your community on record in support of a constitutional amendment to rein in out-of-control election spending and end corporate constitutional rights. Contact Eric Kashdan at if you wish to start this process.

Local Resolution: Outreach Strategy and Planning Guides 

Passing a local resolution in your city or town is a great way to educate people in your community, build an organization, and pressure your elected officials to take action on this issue. We have a Town Meeting Strategy Guide and Municipal Council Strategy Guide that walks you step-by-step through the process of successfully passing a resolution through your municipal government. Please email Eric Kashdan at to receive access to either guide.  

Local Resolution Text

A detailed description of drafting a resolution is available in the Town Meeting and Council Strategy Guides which can be requested by email (see above). Reference the texts of over 70 resolutions that have already passed town meetings and city councils, as well as the model resolutions of DACMA coalition partners Common Cause MassachusettsFree Speech for People, and Move to Amend.

Issue Frequently Asked Questions

Read up on the Citizens United decisions and other policy issues around the need for a constitutional amendment. Talking points for responding to frequently heard objections against a constitutional amendment and local resolutions are available upon request. Click here for additional readings and resources.

Which communities have already called for an amendment?

Use the list in the link above to demonstrate support for this issue when meeting with legislators and when advocating for a resolution in your own community. You can also use this map, click here.

Sample Media Submissions 

Submit an op-ed, letter to the editor, or press release about the constitutional amendment movement to your local paper. See the samples below.

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