Additional Readings and Resources


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Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (Democrat) and Montana Lieutenant Governor General John Bohlinger (Republican) defend Montana law banning corporate political expenditures: 

Robert Reich Presents: Amend 2012-Because only people are people

Citizens United v. FEC- What it means for democracy

Story of Stuff Presents: The Story of Citizens United v. FEC (2011)

Other Resources 

List of actions taken by members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation on this issue.

List of Massachusetts communities that have called for an amendment by local resolution or ballot question

Map of Massachusetts communities that have called for an amendment by local resolution or ballot question

List of all local, state, and federal resolutions supporting Constitutional amendments

Amendments Introduced in the 114th Congress

The People’s Rights Amendment (proposed by Free Speech for People and sponosored by Congressman Jim McGovern)

The Move to Amend Amendment

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