The Democracy Amendment Coalition of Massachusetts (DACMA) is a coalition of advocacy organizations and activists working to build support for a federal constitutional amendment affirming that (1) corporations do not have the same constitutional rights as people and (2) Congress and the states can limit political spending in elections. The coalition and its allies are dedicated to creating meaningful and long term change to an electoral system that appears more responsive to “we the donors,” than to “We the People.”

The coalition’s work was sparked by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC (2010) which reaffirmed that corporations have constitutional rights and opened the floodgates for unlimited money in our electoral process. The coalition has made tremendous progress building support in the Commonwealth including lobbying the Massachusetts state legislature to call for an amendment, assisting local activists pass resolutions through their municipal legislative bodies (over 200 in total), and passing a ballot question in support of an amendment by 79%.

Democracy Amendment Coalition of Massachusetts
(c/o Common Cause Massachusetts)
14 Beacon Street, Suite 421
Boston, MA 02108

For general inquiries please contact Eric Kashdan, Assistant Director at Common Cause Massachusetts, by phone at (617) 426-9600 or by email at ekashdan@commoncause.org.

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