Research and Reports

Check out a selection of research reports published by Common Cause Massachusetts:

Early Voting: What Other States Can Teach Massachusetts (2016)

This report focuses on early voting best practices and examines the experiences of other states that currently offer expanded early voting opportunities. It provides a list of suggestions to ensure that early voting improves Massachusetts voters’ experience at the polls, shortens long lines on Election Day for high turnout elections, and improves turnout.

Shining a Light: Success of the Massachusetts Disclosure Law (2015)

Shining a Light shows how Massachusetts Disclosure Law has significantly contributed to the dramatic decrease in secret money from outside groups and has been particularly effective in promoting the increased accessibility and timeliness of campaign finance information.

Transparency in Massachusetts Municipal Websites (2010)

In January of 2010, Common Cause Massachusetts reviewed all 351 Massachusetts municipality websites to determine how many post important governance records online.

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