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Common Cause is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring open, accountable, and effective government for all citizens, free from the dominance of big money and in which everyone can engage. We don’t care what your personal political opinion is—we just want to make sure that your elected officials are fully responsive to you and your neighbors, and care about what you think first and what lobbyists, corporations, and interest groups think second.

We run grassroots and lobbying issue campaigns aimed at increasing participation and confidence in government, as well as reducing special interest influence in elections and policymaking. We work with over 400,000 activists nationwide.

Right now, Common Cause is working on a number of issues in Massachusetts, including: tightening campaign finance disclosure laws, enacting 21st century public records reform, expanding access to the ballot box through early voting and automatic voter registration, establishing public financing of elections, and more. We also work on local and national issues, ranging from Election Protection poll monitoring, to restoring the Voting Rights Act, and to promoting a 21st century Democracy for All agenda as a center piece of the 2016 Election Season.

Working at Common Cause means a chance to see how government works. It’s a great way to learn what’s working, what’s not, and how to change it. You’ll get to work with volunteers and staff to lobby the legislature on issues, as well as concentrate in, or work across, the following areas: research and report writing, grassroots organizing, and/or communications. Specific projects will vary on an as-needed basis, but will be designed to benefit your internship experience with substantive work.


We are looking for both part-time and full-time interns for both the spring semester and/or summer, should you wish to do one time period or both. Part-time interns will be expected to work at least 10-15 hours/week, full-time will be expected to work Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. We are happy to work with your school to provide academic credit.

Familiarity with Common Cause issues is preferred. Knowledge of Massachusetts politics also preferred. Other skills include basic proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, prior office experience, and a detail-oriented work ability. Strong written communication skills are also key.

To Apply:

Please send a resume, cover letter, and 1-2 writing samples to Eric Kashdan at Please indicate in your cover letter what time commitment you are applying for (part of full-time), as well as which areas of work you are currently most interested in/skilled with. See below for more information on each.

Some different responsibilities of Common cause interns include:

Grassroots Tasks

  • Recruit new volunteers and organize existing volunteers to do lobbying, community events, petitioning, phone banking, and fundraising. The focus of such work for the current semester will be organizing a municipal level campaign for the effective implementation of the new MA early voting law.
  • Reach out to new organizations for collaboration.
  • Organize and participate in speaking opportunities (panels, rallies, film screenings, etc.) on Common Cause Issues

Communications Tasks 

  • Write press releases, fact sheets, editorials, letters-to-the-editor, and website material, including blog posts.
  • Help maintain social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter, by creating status updates and graphics to share, as well as developing/participating in strategies to go “viral” and extend outreach.
  • Research and apply best practices in organizing with new technology. Develop new online opportunities for organizing, education, and outreach.
  • Assist with press outreach.

Research/Writing Tasks (Legal knowledge/prior research experience beneficial here)

  • Scrutinize legislation before the State Legislature and other materials pertaining to Common Cause issues.
  • Develop materials (fact sheets, research reports, etc.) for Common Cause issue campaigns to be used by legislators, staff, and volunteers for advocacy work.       
  • Work on our campaign finance reform and election modernization efforts, researching electoral contribution data, “dark money” figures, outside spending amounts, voting records, public records laws, election administration practices, and more.



Common Cause Massachusetts

14 Beacon Street, Suite 811

Boston, Massachusetts 02108

(617) 426.9600 – ph / (617) 426.6855 - fax


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