CCMA History

Past Accomplishments

1973     Law requiring registration and reporting by lobbyists.

1974     Open Meeting Law enacted and Office of Campaign and Political Finance created.

1978     State Ethics Commission created and Financial Disclosure Law and updates to Conflict of Interest Law enacted.

1980     State Office of Inspector General created.

1987     Political action committee contributions to politicians limited.

1991     Effort to abolish and weaken state watchdog agencies defeated.

1994     Statewide campaign finance reform increasing disclosure and lowering campaign contribution limits passed.

1998     Clean Elections Law ballot initiative passed.

2002    Inspector General’s office saved from repeal.

            Legislative leaders pay raise defeated.

2004    Redistricting reform initiatives qualified and passed in 15 districts.

2005    Redistricting reform garners endorsements form bi-partisan list of gubernatorial candidates and 60,000 registered voters.

2006    Common Cause’s Campaign for Open Government triples number of cities and towns posting basic information on the Internet.

2008    National Popular Vote legislation passes both houses and Election Day registration legislation passes Senate.

2009    Comprehensive ethics, lobbying, and campaign finance disclosure legislation passed.

2010     National Popular Vote legislation enacted and signed by Governor Deval Patrick.

2011     Common Cause holds Redistricting Olympics and pushes legislature to adopt nationally acclaimed open and transparent redistricting process.

2012    Legislature and 174 municipalities pass resolutions endorsing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. The Democracy Amendment ballot question calling for a constitutional amendment is supported by 79% of 1,000,000 voters.

2014    MA Disclose Act requiring historic transparency for SuperPACs and the comprehensive Election Modernization Act, establishing early voting, online registration, pre-registration, audits of election equipment and more enacted by the legislature.

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