Lobbying the Maryland Legislature 2017

June 29, 2017

In Maryland’s 2017 Legislative Session, lobbying expenditures stayed relatively stable, with the primary employers spending a total of almost $19 million, according to Common Cause Maryland’s analysis released today. However, new employers and industries emerged, continuing to pour large sums of money into lobbying efforts to promote their agendas.

Lobbying expenditures grew by a staggering 40% among the top 10 paying employers. Industry spending on statewide environment and utility/energy issues skyrocketed, largely driven by the debate on fracking legislation. Industry spending on statewide health issues dropped, marking a potential shift in focus to national health issues following a tumultuous election year.

The amounts received by lobbyists this session remained pretty consistent, with the 110 lobbyists earning over $50,000 receiving a cumulative total of $28 million. Interestingly, the total amount that employers spent on lobbying decreased by 4.5% this session, yet the total amount that employers spent on lobbyists increased by 1.1%.


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