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Raquelle Contreras

Development Associate, Common Cause Maryland

Raquelle Contreras is the Development Associate for Common Cause Maryland.

Joannne Antoine

Joanne Antoine

Manager of State Outreach and Engagement, Common Cause Maryland

Joanne implements outreach plans for key policy campaigns, specifically around money in politics and voting rights, and engages local, state, and national organizations in the coalitions and campaigns in Maryland.

Jennifer Bevan-Dangel

Jennifer Bevan-Dangel

Executive Director, Common Cause Maryland

Jennifer Bevan-Dangel is the Executive Director of Common Cause Maryland


Damon Effingham

Legal and Policy Director, Common Cause Maryland

In his capacity as Legal and Policy Director at Common Cause Maryland, Damon coordinates and leads legislative campaigns on issues related to money in politics, voting rights, transparency and government ethics.

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