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Everyday things you can do to stay active in our democracy

Tens of thousands of Illinoisans have already joined our movement as supporters of Common Cause. If you would like to join them in standing up for our democracy and holding power accountable, here are some first steps that you can take to get involved.

1. Join our Action Team: Be part of the movement of supporters fighting for voting rights, getting big money out of politics, and holding power accountable. Members of the Action Team lead volunteer teams, phonebank, organize meetings, and assist on digital campaigns. When you fill out the form, we'll contact you and plug you into the most urgent campaigns in our state.

2. Defend pro-democracy values in your community: 

  • Attend your elected officials' town halls with your group to demand a defense of their policies. Learn how to plan for a town hall here.
  • Schedule an in-office visit with your representative to discuss important democracy reforms. Learn how to plan for an in-office visit here.
  • Coordinate blanket calling of representatives' offices at key moments. Learn how to plan a coordinated call day here.
  • 3. Form small, dedicated groups that are locally focused: This allows you to communicate frequently with other activists and your representatives. In this era, we must focus our time and resources on preventing anti-democracy policies as our main priority.

    4. Take action on your own: Representatives have strong incentives to serve their constituents well if they want to win reelection. However, making your voice heard takes effort. Representatives are more likely to pay attention to an in-person visit than to a phone call or email. Other ways to keep up to date with your elected officials include:

  • Signing up for your representative's newsletter to receive information and invitations to events
  • Reviewing their voting history at VoteSmart.org
  • Researching their campaign finances at OpenSecrets.org
  • Creating a Google News Alert to receive a notification when your representative is in the news
  • Participate in Our Campaigns

    Click on the links below to take action supporting our campaigns on the issues of Money in Politics and Voting Rights.

    Voting Rights

      Join our efforts to protect and expand voting rights in Illinois and across the country.
  • Click here to tell Congress to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act!
  • Tell Congress to protect the Election Assistance Commission by signing this petition!
  • Join our Voting and Elections Action Team here
  • Learn more about our Voting Rights campaigns here
  • Money in Politics

      Get involved in our campaigns to get big money out of politics through Fair Elections throughout the state.
  • Click here to sign our petition for Fair Elections in Urbana!
  • Join our Money in Politics Action Team here
  • Learn more about our Money in Politics campaigns here
  • Take Action

    The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

    Tell Congress to fix the court’s bad decision!

    Take action.


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