Fair Elections Illinois: Voter Power Over Money Power

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Posted on October 6, 2014

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Lets "stop spending endless hours dialing for dollars and spend more time listening to working people. We can spend more time working on solutions to the big challenges facing America"

-- Sen. Dick Durbin, Illinois Sentator (D), Senate Majority Whip

The Common Cause Illinois Fair Elections Illinois Ballot Initiative Committee working to improve democracy in Illinois, and we need your help!

We are pushing for a small donor public financing system to amplify voters' voices by providing for a 6:1 match for small donations (e.g. up to $175), similar to New York City and Los Angeles. This turns a $100 contribution in a $700 contribution, drastically increasing the importance and power of what originally seemed like a small donation.

These programs have sucessfully improved the diversity of the donor base and strengthened connections between voters and officials. It also puts the focus of elected officials and candidates back on constituents, where it belongs.

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Visit www.fairelectionsillinois.com to learn more about this campaign!

Office: Common Cause Illinois

Issues: Money in Politics

Tags: Fair Elections

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