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In 2014, Common Cause IL worked tirelessly to advocate for Election Day Registration and Online Registration, both of which have now been implemented in Illinois.  We continue our work to expand and protect voting rights, but we can’t do it without your help.

Today, Common Cause is working with our partners to pass Automatic Voter Registration.

Automatic Voter Registration is a commonsense reform that will strengthen voter security, modernize an outdated system, and bring up to 2 million eligible citizens into the democratic process.  Last year, AVR passed the Illinois legislature but was vetoed by Governor Rauner.  

Over the past year, Common Cause IL has worked hard in partnership with other local organizations to improve and reintroduce the bill. Secure, electronic, and automatic, AVR will save Illinois millions over time once implemented, while increasing accessibility for rural Illinoisans, seniors, active military personnel, and minorities.  AVR has earned significant bipartisan support -- in May, it passed the Illinois Senate with unanimous support, 48-0! The bill now goes to the house for a vote, and if it passes, AVR will go to Gov. Rauner for final approval. Contact your House legislator to encourage them to support this bipartisan reform.

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