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Ordinary people across the country are fed up with our campaign finance system.  Their voices are being drowned out by the unlimited spending of wealthy special interests. It shouldn’t be the case that the wealthy have such undue influence in our democracy.

Common Cause IL is leading the fight to take our democracy back from wealthy special interests.  We’ve spearheaded the movement for Fair Elections in Chicago and on a state level in Illinois.  Fair Elections would establish a small donor public matching fund, giving ordinary voters influence over their representatives.

Currently, similar election funding systems are in place in both New York and Los Angeles. As a result, these cities have seen a shift in their leadership - representatives are younger, less wealthy, and reflective of the racial demographics of their constituents.

Moreover, with bipartisan support, Fair Elections Bill SB-1424, made its way passed the Senate floor on May 16, 2017. The bill now is under review in the house, as Common Cause continues the fight for a fair and open donor matching system. Common Cause also has a local action team working to implement Fair Elections at the local level for the City of Chicago.

To learn more about how the Fair Elections Ordinance would work, you can visit the website we built for the campaign with our coalition partner, Reclaim Chicago.

Latest Status

As they made their choices in the most expensive mayoral election in the city’s history, Chicagoans also pleaded for relief from big money’s dominance of local and state politics, Common Cause said tonight. With over 80 percent of...

Common Cause Hails Chicago Vote to Rein In Big Money in Politics
February 24, 2015

The need for Chicago’s Fair Elections ballot question was underscored today by a stunning new report detailing the outrageous number of large contributions coming from donors outside Chicago to the city’s mayoral candidates. ...

Why the Fair Elections Ballot Question?
February 17, 2015

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