Ethics and Transparency

Common Cause Illinois is a leader in the fight for ethics and transparency in government. From how leadership is funded to how government is run, Common Cause believes accountability starts with transparency.

Common Cause was a key part of the Watergate Scandal investigation, and since then, has continued to fight for an ethical government. The people of America deserve responsible and credible leadership, not backroom deals that disregard the common man. Join us in upholding the best in our political representatives.

An Article V Convention faces Illinois in 2017.

Transparency in our democracy is currently under threat. Common Cause Illinois is taking an active stand against calls to convene a constitutional convention under Article V of the United States Constitution. This is a national effort that has gained support in the IL legislature through House Joint Resolution 32. If called, a convention would allow unfettered revision of the U.S. Constitution, resulting in reckless influence of special interests and other challenges to our democracy.

“There simply aren’t rules to limit the nature or scope of what could be put on the table once a convention is called,” warns Brian Gladstein, Executive Director of Common Cause IL. In response, Common Cause Illinois is working in collaboration with the national office to stop federal and Illinois legislators through community support and calls to action.

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