CCIL Chapters

Across Illinois, there are currently five chapters who dedicate their time and efforts to civic engagement. These chapters lead the continuing battle for an open, ethical, and accountable government.


1.     Action Team Chapter-  The Action Team chapterlaunched in 2012, is comprised of members from Chicago and the metropolitan area. Common Cause Action Team is the oldest chapter formed after the relaunch of our Illinois branch office. It supports efforts for reform through monthly meetings, canvassing, and phone banks, along with other advocacy opportunities. The action team also complements our office efforts, collaborating with staff throughout the decision making process on a variety of issues.


2.     University of Chicago Chapter-  Launched in 2015, the University of Chicago chapter holds regular meetings on campus, provides opportunities for canvassing, and hosts panel discussions on issues advocated by Common Cause. The chapter is currently striving to expand its public outreach and meet with elected officials on issues pertinent to the state of Illinois.


3.     University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chapter-  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign launched its chapter in 2016. It hosts panel discussions geared toward voting issues, and is also making strides in civic engagement with its canvassing and phone banking efforts. In addition, UIUC works toward developing strategies to hold power accountable.


4.     Northern Illinois Chapter- The Northern Illinois chapter has worked to engage its residents in a variety of ways since its inception in early 2017. Northern Illinois focuses its message on educating and activating its residents from across the region with a collaborative neighborhood camaraderie.

5.     Northwestern University Chapter- This chapter is the newest member of Common Cause Illinois, opening its doors in the spring of 2017. Our Northwestern chapter plans to host panels on issues that are critical to our mission here at Common Cause, along with creating an environment where students can exercise their rights and become engaged in the political process.

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