Project Completed

Civic*Celerator is a project aimed at developing user friendly apps leveraging open data made available by the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission.

Volunteer teams of programmers, coders, and engaged citizens created apps to harness the raw data from the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission and other state agencies. Civic*Celerator is the first program of its kind in the country.

Features of the apps allow you to:

  • See who is running for office by district
  • See how Hawaii lawmakers are utilizing their campaign funds
  • Search and sort through campaign contribution data (by donor, candidate, PACS, etc.)
  • Find your polling location and preview your ballot

More information about Civic*Celerator and the apps can be found at:

Power Ballot screen shotAbove: Screen shot of the "Power Ballot", an interactive ballot that allows you to find information about candidates in one convenient location. This is a feature of the Precincts Map App.

Quick Links to the Apps:

Candidate filing information:

Precincts Map:

Hawaii Campaign Spending Data:

Funding a Hawaii State Legislature Race: a Search Application for the Hawaii State Campaign Spending Commission Contributions Database:

Civic*Celerator's Impact:

Testimonial from Civic*Celerator participant and coder Joseph Heaukulani:

“Thanks to Civic*Celerator, we learned a great deal more about the influence of money in politics than we would have otherwise. With the collaboration of coders, students, volunteers, and random citizens like me, we were able to explore different parts of the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission data by breaking off into different groups, and trying to answer different questions that we had. For many of us, this was our first look at campaign spending data and we really didn't know what we'd find.

In contrast with a normal weekend hackathon, Civic*Celerator gave us the ability to play with the data over an extended period of time which was extremely helpful. The meetups allowed us to compare notes and check in on each other's progress. Finally, months of effort culminated in the Civic*Celerator Demo Day, in front of wider audience, with all the groups taking turns sharing what they were able to learn from the data and the app they built to interact with it.

Through this collaborative, citizen-driven, slow-simmered process, we were able to turn columns and rows of text and numbers from the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission into interactive, visual applications, allowing us to drill down into different areas of the data in a user friendly fashion and easily see how money flows through our political system.”

Civic*Celerator is co-sponsored by Common Cause Hawaii and Hawaii Open Data, with support from Voqal Fund.

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