Sunshine Project: Public Agency Audit

Project Completed

Hawaii’s Open Meeting law, or “Sunshine” Law, governs the way all state and county boards must operate and conduct their official business; it enables transparency and public access for Hawaii’s citizens. The Sunshine Law encompasses these major areas: (1) minutes, (2) meetings & testimony, (3) closed meetings, (4) how public board/commission members conduct themselves outside of a meeting, and (5) notice and agenda.

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Between March 2015-May 2015, Common Cause Hawaii conducted an "audit" of Hawaii’s Public Agencies—particularly state Boards and Commissions—to see how they interpret and comply with Hawaii’s Sunshine Law. Click here to view the report.


Research & Reports - PDF

Public Boards Audit

Common Cause Hawaii conducted an “audit” in order to determine how Hawaii State boards, commissions, and agencies are interpreting and complying with the Sunshine Law.

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