2009-2012 Accomplishments

Common Cause Hawaii's notable accomplishments between 2009-2012:


  • Successfully advocated for a bill to modernize voter registration by establishing an online voter registration system by 2016.
  • Successfully advocated for two state legislature resolutions and one county-level resolution to fight back against Citizens United v. FEC. These resolutions requested Congress to put forward constitutional amendments to address campaign spending and corporate personhood.


  • Launched "Rotunda Roundups," an informal weekly gathering in the State Capitol rotunda to help citizens navigate the legislative process. Every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. during the 2011 Legislative Session, we welcomed crowds of 15 to 50 citizens to review the legislative calendar, discuss how citizens can take action, provided updates on important bills, and talked with legislators and activists.
  • Was at the forefront of ethics issues in the 2011 Legislative Session. State legislators proposed major loopholes in Hawaii's ethics law that would have allowed legislators and state employees to accept lavish gifts from special interests. Common Cause Hawaii testified against the proposal, mobilized citizen opposition, and spoke out in the media, and the bill was ultimately blocked in committee.


  • Helped stop a bill in the state legislature that would have rolled back the existing "pay to play" restrictions that would have allowed government contractors to donate to political candidates.
  • Partnered with local organizations to engage citizens in the electoral process, and recruited over 200 volunteers to work at the polls. Many of these poll workers were students and young people who participated in the political process for the first time.
  • Pulled together 18 diverse organizations for greater transparency at the state legislature. Together, we advocated for increased webcasting of hearings, more public notice for meetings, and improved online access to legislative documents.


  • Led a coalition to "stop the tsunami" of special interest money in politics. Common Cause Hawaii successfully blocked a number of bad bills that would have increased corporate campaign donations, allowed political donations from government contractors, and increased campaign funds raised outside the state.

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