Voting And Elections

Common Cause Georgia believes that voting should be free, fair and accessible for every eligible citizen, which is why we are spearheading efforts to protect and strengthen voting rights for all Georgians while ensuring that every vote is counted as cast. 

In February 2016, Common Cause Georgia, in conjunction with the Georgia NAACP, filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to block Secretary of State Brian Kemp from unlawfully purging voters from the state’s voter registration rolls.  The suit highlights an apparent conflict between state and federal voting laws. The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) specifically prohibits states from purging individuals for having failed to vote; however, Georgia law places voters who’ve missed voting for the previous three years on an “inactive” list and then purges those who fail to verify their addresses and do not vote in the next two general elections.  Due to the state’s practice, as of June 2015, over 800,000 Georgians had been placed on the inactive list and were in danger of being purged. 

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