Thank Senator Blumenthal!

Thank you for supporting Senator Blumenthal, as well as Common Cause, in the fight to stop Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable.

It'll take all the voices we can get to overpower the big money at play here, so please consider sharing our email to you with others. We need their help too, and they may appreciate the chance to know about this issue and take action.

Cheri Quickmire, Executive Director

Common Cause in Connecticut

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Comcast is attempting to acquire Time Warner Cable in a massive telecom merger with the potential for unprecedented implications. If allowed to move forward, Comcast would control over 50% of the broadband market, giving them far too much sway over what we can see and say on both cable and the web. Common Cause informed me that Senator Blumenthal has stood up to Comcast in a recent letter asking the government to block the merger. Join me in thanking him and taking action on this important issue.

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