Automatic Voter Registration

Common Cause in Connecticut will be advocating for passage of automatic voter registration (AVR) to Connecticut in 2016!  

Automatic voter registration is the process where eligible voters are automatically registered to vote by the state when they turn 18.  Citizens may opt to join a political party or may opt to remove themselves from the voter rolls if they would rather not be registered.

Automatic voter registration ensures that all eligible people can vote, unless they opt out of the registration.  This would replace the antiquated regimen of voters needing to remember to register by certain deadlines and re-register upon moving.  It makes voter registration more efficient for voters and election administrators, and makes voter lists more accurate.  It also allows organizations and campaigns to, focus on educating voters and getting them to the polling booth rather than spending resources and time on voter registration.   California and Oregon have made automatic voter registration the law, and 16 other states plus the District of Columbia have introduced bills that would institute AVR in their state.  Keep an eye out for emails from Common Cause in Connecticut with updates about  AVR and how you can get involved. 

Get involved!  Federal bills on automatic voter registration are before Congress right now, and would require states to automatically register every eligible citizen to vote.

Sign our petition now to demand national automatic voter registration!

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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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