Citizens United

In the wake of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, corporations are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy access and influence our elected representatives, at the expense of the interests of the American people. People in towns and cities across the country are advancing resolutions through their city and town councils and state legislatures that declare support for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, challenge corporate power. and eliminate unlimited campaign spending.

On March 18th, Common Cause in Connecticut Executive Director Cheri Quickmire offered testimony in front of the Government Administration and Elections Committee on House Joint Resolution 3, a proposed state resolution to urge Congress to over turn Citizens United.

City and Town Resolutions

In Connecticut, seven cities and towns have passed resolutions asking that Congress amend the U.S. Constitutions to declare that corporations are not people:




New Haven

New London


West Haven


On June 11th, 2013, Common Cause State Governing Board Member Michele Jacklin, League of Women Voters member Roberta Swafford, and Glastonbury resident Jayne Winkler testified in favor of a resolution in front of the Glastonbury Town Council. You can read their comments by clicking on their names.

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