The 2013 Reforms

Based on the work of JVCEP in 2012 and in prior years, Colorado Common Cause was a key player in the passage of the Colorado Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act (COVAME).  See [insert link] to learn more about the details of the bill.  COVAME was designed to address issues that JVCEP identified through its work with voters and local election administrators.  Real life stories of eligible voters who had not been able to vote, or who had waited hours to finally cast a vote, informed the drive for election reform in Colorado.  While the 2013 elections were not a full test of COVAME, the poll monitors who volunteered in November 2013 and the staff that answered calls to the hotlines can attest that there were fewer of the “same old” problems, and that when questions arose, there were simpler answers.  Clearly, we are making progress.

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