Promoting Election Integrity

Opponents of COVAME argued that the law would harm election integrity. In fact, COVAME includes critical new safeguards that ensure that every voter affirms, under penalty of perjury, that he or she is an eligible voter and has cast only a single ballot in any Colorado election. 

In addition, all mail ballots require the voter’s signature and those signatures are rigorously matched against the statewide voter database and other state databases. Election officials and election judges are trained in doing these matches and are able to single out questionable signatures.  In most cases, signatures that are investigated are found to be different from the records for benign reasons – a husband accidentially signed his wife's ballot or vice versa, a hand or arm injury or medical condition distored the voter's signature. When these non-conforming ballots are found, county election officials notify the voter and provide him or her with an opportunity to validate the signature before the vote is counted.

All these safeguards, including cross checks with state felony and death records help ensure that voter lists are as free of errors and fraud as possible.

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