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Big problems require big solutions. At Colorado Common Cause we are experts at "slow and steady" reform. But we've been doing this long enough to know that we have hit a wall in our work to reduce the influence of money in politics. The Supreme Court has hamstrung most reforms that put people before money. So while we will continue working for public financing of campaigns, increased disclosure of campaign spending and other reforms where it makes sense, a constitutional amendment is needed to stem the power of big money.

At Colorado Common Cause we started building support for an amendment by putting a ballot measure before the voters of Boulder in 2011, and then in front of the entire state in 2012. Seventy-four percent of voters agreed to instruct our elected officials to work toward a constitutional amendment that would restore local, state and federal authority officials to limit campaign contributions and spending. The measure passed in every county in the state - blue, red and purple.

The people's mandate is clear. Now we need leadership from our members of Congress and the Colorado General Assembly. Our elected officials must act to pass a constitutional amendment that will allow us to limit campaign contributions and spending.

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