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The legislature has argued that making the initiative process more difficult is the best way to protect the Constitution.  In contrast, Colorado Common Cause has argued that the best way to protect the Constitution from proposals better placed in statute is to create strong protections that ensure the laws can’t be undone.  While we do not support increasing the vote threshold required for constitutional amendments, we support increasing the signature requirements for constitutional amendments (and reducing the signatures needed for statutes) to be placed on the ballot, provided that the proposal also includes a five-year protection for statutory measures, where they can’t be amended or repealed without supermajority approval from the Legislature.

There are ongoing efforts to restrict the citizens’ right to the initiative process.  We continue to oppose these efforts, while working for reforms that would enhance the process.  During the 2010 session, we supported legislation to expand ballot issue campaign finance disclosure.  We have also supported efforts to improve voter information about ballot measures (e.g. Blue Book reform).

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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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