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At Colorado Common Cause, we work to strengthen democracy in the state. We promote public participation in politics by protecting voting rights and lowering barriers to voting. We work to ensure that government serves the public interest by drawing attention to the problem of money in politics and building the movement for large scale campaign finance reform. And we promote government accountability by advocating for increased transparency and ethics in government.

To carry out this work, we lobby on behalf of reform in the Colorado General Assembly and local government councils. We also drive local and statewide ballot measures and participate in administrative rulemakings.

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Just Vote! Colorado Election Protection

Just Vote! Colorado Election Protection is a collaborative, non-partisan election protection program to assist voters with election activities, expand access to information about the voting process, and monitor and document the electoral process across the state. Learn More ›

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Colorado Wants the Democracy for All Amendment

The Democracy for All Amendment and the spending limits it would permit would protect the First Amendment; every citizen’s right to express his or her views, however unpopular or unconventional, would remain fully intact. Learn More ›

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Revolving Door

The political definition of the revolving door is when individuals working in public bodies go to work in the private sector they were just regulating, and often back into public service again. This cycle creates an atmosphere where regulators are less likely to hold to the highest standards of their mandate. Even if unintentional, people are hesitant to penalize a company they hope to work for in the future. In Colorado, we have begun slowing down this process. Learn More ›

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