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Big Money Out

Californians to vote on the Overturn Citizens United Act in November

June 13, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday allowed the Overturn Citizens United Act to go onto the November ballot, after thousands of activists across California inundated Brown’s office with emails, faxes and phone calls urging him to support the bill, known as SB 254. The bill is authored by Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica), and co-sponsored by a coalition of grassroots organizations including Los Angeles-based Money Out Voters In (MOVI) and California Common Cause.

Big Money Out

Did Trump's money kill state probes?

June 6, 2016

The media are abuzz this week with reports that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may have used campaign donations to influence multiple state attorneys general to drop investigations into his now-defunct Trump University.

North Carolina: Building a Grassroots Movement for Reform

City of Sacramento Approves Language for Independent Redistricting Referendum

May 27, 2016

The Sacramento City Council approved language for a November referendum to create an independent redistricting commission to draw City Council districts. Following the successful efforts of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw congressional, state legislative, and Board of Equalization districts based on nonpartisan criteria, municipalities are beginning to follow suit.

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Supreme Court Rejects Radical Re-Write of Constitution in Evenwel Redistricting Case

April 4, 2016

Today the U.S. Supreme Court voted 8-0 in Evenwel v. Abbott to allow states to continue to count total population when drawing state legislative districts after each census. The plaintiffs sought an unprecedented change to the U.S. Constitution forbidding states from using census counts of total population and requiring them to draw districts with equal number of voters. The City of Los Angeles was a lead drafter of a brief Common Cause organized that the Los Angeles County, San Francisco, and 16 other counties and cities across the country joined to oppose this change.

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California's Top Court Affirms Citizen Right to Advise Lawmakers

January 4, 2016

California’s highest court has opened this election year with an important message to voters everywhere, affirming their right to advise their representatives in Washington on the importance of reducing the influence of big money in politics, Common Cause said today.

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Governor Signs Expanded Same Day Registration Law

October 10, 2015

Today Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 439, authored by Senator Ben Allen, which will expand the availability of same-day voter registration in the 14 days leading up to election day. Same-day registration allows an eligible voter to register to vote then vote on the same day in the two weeks leading up to an election.

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