2015 Legislation

  • Statement of Economic Interests Disclosure - VETOED

    Bill Number: AB 10, This bill requires additional and more detailed disclosures relating to disqualifying financial interests and behest payments in the Statement of Economic Interest form that public officials must file annually. It also increases the threshold at which a public official's financial interest can potentially create a conflict of interest.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Gatto (D))
    Status: Did not pass
  • Initiative Filing Fee - SIGNED INTO LAW

    Bill Number: AB 1100, This bill would change the filing fee for circulating an initiative or referendum petition from $200 to $2,500.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Low (D), Asm. Bloom (D))
    Status: Signed into law
  • Government Procurement - TWO YEAR BILL

    Bill Number: AB 1200, This bill would require, for the first time, people who lobby state agencies for government contracts to register as lobbyists. Registered lobbyists are required to file disclosure reports and are subject to additional ethics rules.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Gordon (D))
    Status: Postponed indefinitely
  • New Motor Voter Act - SIGNED INTO LAW

    Bill Number: AB 1461, Streamlines California’s voter registration process and enables the Secretary of State to do additional outreach to register eligible voters.
    Sponsors:  (Asm Gonzales (D))
    Status: Signed into law
  • Extending CVRA to District-Based Elections - VETOED

    Bill Number: AB 182, This bill would provide stronger protections to minority groups against gerrymandering and other voting rights infringements by allowing them to challenge district based elections that impair their ability to elect candidates of their choice.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Alejo (D), 4 co-sponsors)
    Status: Did not pass
  • Consolidating Election Days - VETOED

    Bill Number: AB 254, This bill requires local governments to hold their general elections at the same time as the statewide primary or statewide general election in even-numbered years, or on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June or November of odd-numbered years. Local elections that are consolidated with state elections typically have much higher voter turnout.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Hernandez (D))
    Status: Did not pass
  • California Voting Rights Act of 2001 - SIGNED INTO LAW

    Bill Number: AB 277, This bill would codify the holding in Jauregui v. City of Palmdale (2014) 226 Cal.App.4th 781 that the California Voting Rights Act applies to charter cities.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Hernandez (D))
    Status: Signed into law
  • Legislative Staff Whistleblower Protection - HELD IN SUSPENSE

    Bill Number: AB 289, This bill would prohibit interference with the right of legislative employees to report ethics violations, and would prohibit retaliation against them for doing so.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Melendez (R))
    Status: Committee markup held
  • Correcting Omitted Vote-By-Mail Signatures - SIGNED INTO LAW

    Bill Number: AB 477, This bill allows a voter who failed to sign his or her vote by mail identification envelope to sign a statement up to 10 days after the election in order to have his or her ballot counted.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Mullin (D))
    Status: Signed into law
  • Ballot Measure Title and Summary Standards - HELD IN SUSPENSE

    Bill Number: AB 535, This bill requires the Attorney General, in writing the ballot title and summary for a ballot measure, to use plain language and specifically identify whether the measure repeals existing law or increases taxes or fees.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Grove (R))
    Status: Committee markup held
  • Young Adult Poll Workers - SIGNED INTO LAW

    Bill Number: AB 554, This bill addresses the need for more bilingual poll workers by allowing counties to employ 16 to 18 year old students who are legal, permanent residents. The bill fills a gap in existing law, which already allows high school students who are citizens, and legal permanent residents over age 18, to serve as poll workers.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Mullin (D), 4 co-sponsors)
    Status: Signed into law
  • Disclose Act - TWO YEAR BILL

    Bill Number: AB 700, This bill expresses legislative intent to enact a California Disclose Act (requiring the major donors to PACs to be listed in campaign ads) and requires that the printed disclaimer in campaign ads that a person is a paid spokesperson now be shown continuously for any video advertisement.
    Sponsors:  (Asm Gomez (D), Asm. Levine (D))
    Status: Postponed indefinitely
  • Mandating Local Special Elections - SIGNED INTO LAW

    Bill Number: AB 952, This bill requires that, if a city council fills a vacancy in a local elective office by appointment in the first half of the term of office, the appointee holds office only until the next general municipal election at which point a special election is held.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Garcia (D))
    Status: Signed into law
  • 72 Hour In-Print Rule - HELD IN SUSPENSE

    Bill Number: ACA 1, This bill proposes to amend the state constitution to require that all bills be in print for 72 hours prior to adoption by either house.
    Sponsors:  (Asm. Olsen (R), 2 co-sponsors)
    Status: Committee markup held
  • Travel Gift Disclosure - SIGNED INTO LAW

    Bill Number: SB 21, This bill requires a nonprofit organization that pays for travel for elected officeholders to disclose the names of donors responsible for funding the travel. It would also require a person who receives a travel gift to report the destination on their Statement of Economic Interests.
    Sponsors:  (Sen. Hill (D))
    Status: Signed into law

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Policy and Legislation Counsel, Nicolas Heidorn, at NHeidorn@commoncause.org or (916) 520-4070.

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