Elections: All-Mailed Ballot Elections - TWO YEAR BILL

Bill Text: SB 450

Date Introduced: February 25, 2015

Sponsors: Sen. Allen (D)

Status: Postponed indefinitely

This bill would, beginning in 2018, authorize a county to conduct any election as an all-mailed ballot election if certain conditions are satisfied, including: (A) the county establishes, for 28 days leading up to the election, the greater of two ballot drop-off locations or one per 15,000 registered voters; (B) the county establishes, for 10 days leading up to the election, the greater of two vote centers or one vote center per 30,000 registered voters (and one per 15,000 registered voters on election day); (C) voters may vote by mail, by dropping their ballots off at a drop off location, or by voting at any vote center in the county; (D) voters are able to register to vote and cast  ballots at vote  centers up to and including the day of the election.

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