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California Motor Voter automatically registers all eligible Californians who complete a driver’s license, identification card (ID), or change of address transaction online, by mail, or in person, unless they opt out. The program streamlines the voter registration process at the DMV and makes registering to vote more convenient for Californians.

The program includes the rollout of the DMV’s new online application for driver’s licenses and IDs. You can now save time by starting your application at before visiting the DMV.

View the fact sheet on California Motor Voter.

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Several unique features of the California Motor Voter program include:

  • Individuals must confirm their eligibility before they are registered to vote. They can also opt out of voter registration before they are registered.
  • The voter registration questions will be available in 9 languages in addition to English.
  • 16 and 17-year-olds applying for their learner’s permit, driver’s license, or ID will be automatically be pre-registered to vote, meaning they will automatically be registered to vote on their 18th birthday.

California Common Cause supported passage of the California Motor Voter bill, AB 1461 (Gonzalez), helping to work out policy concerns and build a coalition. After the bill’s passage, we worked with the Secretary of State and DMV to provide feedback on implementation, assist with program testing in the field, and organize review of the translations in 9 languages by community volunteers and county staff.

To learn more, visit the Secretary of State’s page on California Motor Voter at
You can always register to vote or update your voter registration at

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