Charter Amendments 1 and 2

Charter Amendments 1 and 2, on the Los Angeles March 3rd primary election ballot, would increase voter participation and hold politicians accountable by holding municipal and school board elections at the same time as federal and state elections.

Los Angeles has for years held its elections on the odd year, just a few months after State and Federal elections. In November 2012 with the presidential elections on the ballot, turnout in the City of Los Angeles was over 70%. In May 2013, with the Mayoral election and city council races on the ballot, L.A. Managed a voter turnout of just 23%. In fourteen consecutive elections, the city has had lower turnout than the equivalent even year election, and often dramatically so. Election Consolidation is the only election reform that is proven to increase turnout by the double digits. Consolidating elections not only increases voter turnout, but also decreases voter confusion and fatigue and results in a more diverse electorate.

We hope that you'll join us on March 3rd by voting Yes on Charter Amendments 1 and 2, a move in the right direction to increase voter turnout. For more information on these amendments, see resources below.

Watch SeePolitical's short clip about what it means to vote Yes or No on these amendments.

Charter Amendments 1 & 2 in the news:

- Effort would consolidate L.A. elections with state and federal voting
- For Angelenos, there's much to decide before the March election
- Angelenos say they generally feel detached from city government

Find more background information on these measures here.

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